Athlos International Student Management Group

Your specialist in arranging international students a high school education at Athlos academies in the United States


AISMG Introduction Brochure in Chinese

To view our Chinese language introduction of the AISMG program please click HERE, Please be patient it might take a few minutes to download depending on Internet speeds.

AISMG Chinese PowerPoint Presentation

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Choosing a school to attend in the United States can be a daunting challenge. AISMG can help you arrange for your child to attend a highly rated private high school in the US.

AISMG Mission:

  • Utilizing the Athlos Academies model to provide the essentials for a successful modern global high school education and the opportunity for a dual course college education.
  • Preparing students for entry into top colleges and for the best success at the college level
  • Recruiting the world's best and brightest students for enrollment in Athlos Academies
  • Careful, thoughtful bridging of world cultures
  • Provide a strong high school and college foundation for young students to have exceptional roles in the international community

The Athlos Academies Mission

  • Equipping students to cooperate globally in politics, business and community leadership
  • We believe students can be taught to succeed
  • School is a time and place for many lessons:
    • how to work hard
    • how to get along with others
    • how to achieve
  • We emphasize:
    • servant leadership
    • mastering English, Spanish and Chinese languages
    • strengthening the mind, body and character

Please see the Athlos Model and Athlos School pages for more detailed information.

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The AISMG program is a one of a kind by offering a highly acclaimed 'college prep' atmosphere at a private high school; English, Chinese and Spanish languages, AP courses, college credits and on-campus student apartments with complete meals for a turn key solution.